Scissortail Skydiving has a full time rigging loft on site to assist you in a full range of parachute system rigging services.

Our rigging services include the following:

Assembly and Repacks

  • Sport/student reserve inspection and repack
  • Tandem reserve inspection and repack
  • Assemble reserve to container
  • Assemble main to container
  • Install AAD into AAD-ready container
  • Pack tandem main
  • Pack sport main

Cypres Service

  • New Cypres batteries (includes installation)
  • Install customer-provided AAD batteries
  • Remove/Install Cypres during repack cycle
  • 4-year Cypres maintenance (includes shipping)
  • Install Cypres pockets in reserve container

Parachute Maintenance

  • Inspect main
  • Detachable soft links (includes installation)
  • Reline canopy (does not include price of lines)
  • Replace individual line, per line
  • Replace lower steering lines
  • Canopy patch, any size, per patch
  • Replace rapid link, per link
  • Install slider bumpers (set of 4)
  • Acid mesh test and 40-lb. pull test (rounds)
  • Collapsible slider conversion
  • Per hour charge on other parachute repairs

Container Maintenance

  • Wash container and reassemble
  • Grommet/snap replacement
  • Install/replace BOC
  • Third riser or velcroless toggle conversion
  • Hard cutaway cable housing conversion
  • Retack cable housings
  • Replace/retack Racer quick loop
  • Per hour charge on other container repairs
  • Jumpsuit Repair
  • Zipper replacement
  • Rebuild booties
  • Per hour charge on other jumpsuit repairs

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Looking to add something different to your next event, festival or party? Want to make a lasting impression on your audience? Looking for new and unique ways to promote your product? The Scissortail Demonstration Crew is here to help!... Imagine you're at an outdoor event. You hear the roar and see an airplane flying overhead. You watch the Scissortail Demonstration Crew heading toward Earth trailing banners, smoke, a flag or your company's logo! Their parachutes open and they start a high-energy routine under canopies branded with your company logo, still trailing smoke and banners, landing right there where everyone is waiting!

All you have to do is plan the event. Scissortail Skydiving will take care of all of the required insurance and Federal Aviation Administration forms and/or approvals prior to the event (some permits/waivers require thirty days notice, so try to plan well in advance). 

If the weather does not permit the skydive, we will call and notify you as soon as possible on that day. You may reschedule the skydiving exhibition for a mutually acceptable, preselected, alternate date.

Call us today at (405) 275-0055 and see how the Scissortail Demonstration Crew can help your promotion today!


Formed in 2014, Scissortail Skydiving is the newest and safest skydiving school Oklahoma. SCISSORTAIL SKYDIVING offers a United States Parachute Association (USPA) approved training progression. After completing 25 jumps in the Scissortail Tandem Progression, STP, you will have earned your USPA  'A' license. This license allows you to jump with your friends and skydive anywhere in the world, but it's just the beginning. 

We strive to make every part of your experience amazing from the moment you arrive at the dropzone. Our approach to aircraft safety and skydiving equipment is second to none across the skydiving industry.  Scissortail Skydiving has- The best gear, the best facilities, the best aircraft, the best instructors.

The Scissortail Training Progression (STP) at Scissortail Skydiving is most progressive and complete curriculum used in the skydiving world today. The STP curriculum is inspired by USPA's requirements for self-supervision, thus producing more competent and confident skydivers. Unlike with other programs (AFF, IAD, Static Line), STP graduates excel in all aspects of the sport. Individualized attention with 1 -on- 1 instruction starts with an in-depth 6-hour class and 18 specifically designed jump levels to teach you:

    •Flight Planning

    •Altitude Awareness

    •Freefall Body Position

    •Deployment Procedures

    •Canopy Flight

    •Equipment Instruction and Packing

    •Video of your jump included for each level

    •Maximized training with video review

    •Copies provided on your included USB Drive

    •Pre-requisites to STP

    •Must weigh less than 220lbs.

    •Completed objectives of the tandem progression

    •Last tandem made within 6 months of your STP class

We admit that you may be able to find slightly better pricing at other locations but at Scissortail Skydiving we refuse to be a "Price Brand." We offer the best aircraft, instructors, and equipment in Oklahoma and we feel strongly that skydiving is one sport where it's best not to cut corners and risk your life to save a few dollars. We're competitive in our pricing but although we can't guarantee we'll be the cheapest we can offer an incredible experience that will prepare you for a safe and fun skydiving career.