Scissortail Skydiving is a United States Parachute Association (USPA) Group Member Parachute Center. This means that only properly rated USPA instructors, approved methods of training, and modern ram-air parachutes will be used.  Skydiving is inherently a dangerous activity. There is inherent danger in all sports like scuba diving, skiing, and driving as well. Given the unknown variables of man, nature, and machine there is no way to make these activities completely safe. With care, it is possible to participate in these activities with reduced risk. Customer must be 18years old to make a skydive (be prepared to show ID).  The weight limit is 220 lbs (please be prepared to step on a scale).


•we provide everything you need

•skydive price includes training, equipment, instructor fees, and lift ticket

•classes are held regardless of the weather

•please wear clothing suitable for the weather

•wear sneakers (no boots or sandals please)

•don't jump on an empty stomach


Why should SCISSORTAIL Skydiving be your first time?

A tandem skydive at Scissortail Skydiving is the ultimate introduction to jumping.  Whether your goal is to become a United States Parachute Association (USPA) certified skydiver or you just want to mark it off your "bucket-list"- Scissortail Skydiving is home to Oklahoma's only PERFECT SAFETY RECORD and is the CLOSEST USPA GROUP MEMBER DROPZONE TO OKLAHOMA CITY.  Located just 30 minutes from Downtown OKC, we are perfect for your first-time skydive. Want to jump today? Book reservations by calling (405) 275-0055 or booking online by clicking here.

After a 15 - 30 minute orientation, you and your instructor will take to the skies. You will climb in an aircraft up to two miles and free-fall for up to a minute on a tandem skydive!  A tandem skydive is a great way to experience the thrill of skydiving while under close supervision of an experienced instructor.  Since you are in front of your skydive instructor, you will have the sensation of skydiving on your own. After you deploy the pilot chute the instructor offers guidance as you fly the parachute together! 

After your first tandem skydive experience, you can continue making tandem jumps or jump over to the Scissortail Training Progression to learn to jump SOLO - it's up to you! Once you attain your USPA License, you can skydive with friends all over the world!